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Junk Food to be ban in School Canteens – Maharashtra state

Maharashtra state government has barred junk food sale in school canteens. The government took a decision in direction of encouraging healthy food and routine in pupils.

It is instructed to serve rajma-rice, vegetable khichdi, and idli-vada in place of junk food. Currently, the canteens are serving junk foods like pizza, noodles, and pastries and all will be replaced by the healthy nutrient. In the Government Resolution, 12 categories of foods are itemized which cannot be sell in the school canteens, some of them are carbonated soft drinks, pizza, burger, and others.

In the Government Resolution 20 items are itemized which can be vended in the school canteen to school children, some of them are roti, vegetable pulav, and others.

The Government Resolution told that the union administration had started a Task Force which comes to the National Nutrition Institute. The aim of establishing task force is to uphold ingestion of healthy food by pupils and eliminate junk food sale.

Task Force in its report told that junk food contains the extraordinary level of fat, salt, and sugar. Also, junk food carries less nutritious content which results into dental diseases, diabetes, and alarming sickness later in the life. 

In view of attaining Task Force’s recommendation, Maharashtra state government initiated the rule of junk food ban in the school canteens.

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