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Just carry m-Aadhaar for train jouneys; no other documents needed

Newspatrolling: In a welcome development for rail travellers, the railways ministry today approved m-Aadhaar as a valid identity proof for rail travel. The m-Aadhaar will be a valid identity proof for all types of reserved class tickets. This is expected to be hugely beneficial for rail travellers. Earlier, rail passengers were required to carry one of their original identity proof documents with them such as PAN card, driving license, etc. However, given the risks associated with train journeys, carrying such original documents was always problematic for passengers. Moreover, it is possible that passengers may themselves lose or misplace their original documents during the train journey. The risk of pickpocketing, theft and accidents are also present during rail travel.

However, now with m-Aadhaar being recognized as a valid identity proof, customers will only be required to carry their mobile phone. The m-Aadhaar can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones. The unique thing about the a-Aadhaar app is that it can only be installed on the mobile number that has been linked to Aadhaar. This makes it quite foolproof. To show m-Aadhaar, one has to login by entering their password in the app. Thereafter, they can show their Aadhaar data to anyone who needs it such as the TTE.

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