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Justin Bieber, David Guetta and 2U

The young singer Justin Bieber is coming up with David Guetta for the song “2U”. Before the final track, the samples were played on social media channels.

Today the debuted track is lastly released. The song has average tempo beats.  

Both of the singers, Justin Bieber and David Guetta are pairing fabulous. Singers seek the aid of Victoria’s Secret to market the song.

Earlier, David Guetta proclaimed on 7 June song will be coming, she also quoted to a music channel that the song is love tune.

2U Lyric

Cupid in a line
Arrow got your name on it, oh yeah
Don’t miss out on a love
And regret yourself on it, oh
Open up your mind, clear your head
Ain’t gotta wake up to an empty bed

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