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Kajol served the beef pepper water dish in Friend’s restaurant

In the country, a bar on beef, across the country protest against cow slaughter made the country very much strict rules on cow butchery, indeed entire nation is looking forward the complete ban on cow’s slaughters.

Well to its opposite large fragment of the nationals said the idea is not great and laughed over this, citing that government is making hard norms on the ban of cows slaughters over females in the society and country.

Many restaurants have stopped preparing and serving beef plates but still, there are other restaurants who are not resisting in serving the beef on the menu card.

Kajol’s one friend who possesses the arise restaurant; she in recent past went to the restaurant for lunch.

The actress laughed seeing the dish and said we will chop his hands off afterward this when Ryan, Kajol’s friend primed a food dish named as the beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef.

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