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Kali Gajar Ki Kanji

kanji kali gazar

Gajar ki kanji or fermented carrot drink is a low calorie drink made with the main ingredient as black carrot. It is a nutritious drink that helps in digestion.

Cooking time: 5 min

Passive Time: 2-5 days.


Black carrot                                    500gm

Mustard Seed  Grounded            60gm

Red chilli powder                          50gm

Rock salt                                         80gm

Asafoetida                                      30gm

Water                                              2lit


  • Boil water in a big container.
  • Wash and peel the carrot. Cut into batons and add Red chilli powder, rock salt and mustard seed powder to it. Put the carrot in the water and allow the mixture to cool down.
  • Take another container and make a smoke of asafoetida and ghee by using charcoal.
  • Put the mixture in the container to absolve the flavor of Asafoetidadhuwaar.
  • Put the mixture in an earthen pot and close from the top.
  • Keep the jar in the sunlight (In case, ample sunlight is not there then keep it at a warm place and allow it to ferment).
  • Judge the Kanji from its taste. If the taste turns sour, it is ready for consumption.

Tip: It takes upto 5 days for fermentation and stays good at room temperature.

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