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Kareena’s dig at actors working in Hollywood

With the career of Deepika Padrone and Priyanka Chopra debuting in Hollywood and soaring high, there have been a mix of reactions from the Bollywood fraternity. While some praise the hard work, others do not find it worthy enough.

At a recent interview, when Kareena was asked if working abroad increases the brand value of an actor, she said “Working abroad doesn’t mean anything. If one works abroad and comes back and gets a salary hike is something I don’t know. It doesn’t matter whether you work in Hollywood or Bollywood, your brand value is based on what and how much you deliver. And this is based on your personality. Brand is all about personality.”

Though Kareena has been very appreciative about Priyanka’s work and career in Hollywood so far, this statement does not go down too well now.



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