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Kareena’s reaction when Taimur’s picture went viral

Taimur’s pic going viral was one big episode. And we have been lucky with it, sic=nce we got to see the cute little baby Taimur. But as per rumours, Kareena did not actually like it.

In a recent interview, when Saif Ali Khan was asked if Kareena was upset with Taimur’s pic going viral, he said “Yes, she was like, ‘Nazar lag jayegi and all of that’. But agar nazar lagni hoti toh Kareena would be in the hospital by now (smiles). I don’t believe in all of that. I didn’t mean to share it. It was my WhatsApp display picture. But it is fine. I don’t plan to hide him. We will have a tough time figuring out how to bring him up. I think Taimur is already a bit of a popular chap. So, I think we will have to teach him to be grounded, as people will watch whatever he does.”

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