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Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Karnataka Minister refuses to remove the Red Beacon

A Minister of Karnataka has come into the limelight after refusing to remove the red beacon on his vehicle. He said he would remove it only if the CM Siddaramaiah has requested him to do so. Following the recent appeal from the Prime Minister to remove the red beacon on their vehicles, most of the State CMs and Ministers – both in the State as well as in the Central has already removed the red beacon from their vehicles.

Food and Civil Supplies Minister U T Khader noted that he got the vehicle from the State Govt and not from the Central Govt and that he has no rights to alter it. 

“I do not have power to alter my car. It is left to the cabinet to decide,” he told the reporters. He also added “Let the central government bring into force such a notification, I am not saying no, but most importantly it should introduce schemes wherein it is possible to fill the stomachs of people and provide education”.

Though he is not opposing the move, he wanted the Govt to bring in schemes that would address poverty and illiteracy. He ended up by saying in what could be a probable sarcastic statement by the Congress led State Government that “I am not moving around with the red beacon light placed on my head. It is installed on my car.”

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