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Karnataka’s biggest jewellery retail chain, Shubh Jewellers specializes in traditional South Indian Gems

Gold is intrinsic to Indian culture, known for its diversity. Every region in the country is known for a different golden jewellery style. Karnataka, a prominent gold-loving state in the country, boasts a heritage of traditional South Indian jewellery. Taking the legacy forward quite passionately is Shubh Jewellers, which has more than 80 outlets across Karnataka. No other jewellery brand has as many stores in a single state of India as the Rajesh Exports backed venture has.

Championing the traditional species of jewellery

Even in a time when the effect of westernisation can be seen in almost every part of the country, Shubh Jewellers has not only stuck to the classical designs but has also made significant progress in propagating the cultural delight of Indian jewellery. From the temple-crafted pendants to Nataraj-styled earrings, the brand boasts over 25000 designs modelled subtly through laser soldering technology.

The idea of Indian-ness can be glimpsed in every Shubh Jeweller’ piece. This is one of the reasons why the brand’s customers are mostly tradition lovers. During weddings and auspicious occasions like Diwali, Onam, etc., Shubh Jewellers’s pieces are in special demand.

RRPG feature- Real Rate per Gram

Shubh Jewellers has made its name among the most trusted jewellery brands in the country with its authentic quality and superlative service. It launched ‘Real Rate per Gram’ (RRPG) program in order to ensure the customers get the purest gold at the real price without levying any form of extra charges. Shubh Jewellers is a name associated with purity and authenticity, owing to its commitment to hallmarked jewellery.

The brand specializes in South Indian jewellery, a type of jewellery extremely popular not only in India but also across the world. Being a household name in the state of Karnataka, the jewellery company is looking to expand its presence pan-India.

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