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Thursday , 17 January 2019
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Keep an eye on your partner through these spying apps

No we are not saying that you should kill the free space and freedom of your partner, but at times, we do feel the need of some sort of assurance to rekindle the love. So here we are with some very interesting apps that will help you keep a track of the activities of your partner.

1. Top Spy: It is considered to be one of the best spying and tracking mobile application. It lets you track call log, SMS, remote contact list collection, GPS location tracking on the target cell phone.

2. mSpy: This spyware app helps one spy on Android phones by working as a GPS and letting you know about the other person’s location.

3. mCouple: With mCouple you will be able to get access to every phone call. You can also know all the activities going on in your partner Facebook, Skype and other IM accounts. You can also see all the photos and videos shared with your partner’s smartphone. Record their phone calls or trace their location using GPS.

4. Sneaky Cam: The app acts like a hidden camera. If you have this app, you can click a picture whenever and wherever without anyone noticing it. It does not show the camera on the screen instead, it shows something that you choose in your preferences.

5. Couple Tracker: The app enables couples to exchange call logs, messages, history of GPS locations, messenger history in real-time. This app reduces the risk of infidelity/affair. Mutual monitoring and transparency strengthens a relationship and prevents cheating. You need to install Couple Tracker on yours as well as your partner’s cell phone. Connect your accounts and then you can receive all details of your partner on your phone.

Having said all of this, the most important thing is to maintain a transparent relationship with the partner, and giving them so much of space that they never feel the need of lying or cheating.


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