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Keep the evening hunger away with these simple hacks

Evenings are that time of the day when we really crave for some junk food. Be it the street side chaat or some desi Chinese fast food, you just can’t stop yourself from your craving. But one should be careful about the kind of and amount of this ‘unhealthy food’ that we intake in the name of evening snacks.

The situation gets worse for those who go to the office. After struggling through the entire day, you tend to get exhausted and need a good break in the evening, and hence you opt for unhealthy eating habits.

Below are some ways to combat this craving:

  1. Chikki for the rescue: Have some chikki or granola bars at this time. They are not only filling, but also gives you instant energy and are super yummy. You may add your favourite dry fruits to it and stay energised the entire day
  2. Carry detox water: Having a detox water after every few hours will maintain the energy throughout the day, and you would not feel like having the undying urge of some unhealthy food
  3. Soya Chips: For those who like spicy tangy food, this should be the go-to option. These are super healthy as well as super crunchy and tasty.
  4. Carry fruits: This is the best option. Just carry your favourite fruits office. They are loaded with nutrients and are any day healthier than any other food.

The key here is to avoid outside food and try to keep ourselves healthy by eating low-fat homemade food.

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