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Monday , 22 April 2019
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KELT-9b – Hotter than most stars

It appears that surface of a planet is over 4,000C – almost as hot as our Sun. The planet, named KELT-9b, orbits its star about 650 light-years from us.

The planet is so hot because KELT-9b’s host star is itself very hot, but also because this alien world resides so close to the furnace. It is undergoing extreme-ultraviolet irradiation. The host star – known by the simple designation of KELT-9 – is radiating so much ultraviolet light that it may completely erode the planet’s atmosphere.

Researchers say it may look a little like a comet as it circles the star from pole to pole – another strange aspect of this discovery. It is found that KELT-9b takes just two days to complete one orbit of the star.

The scientist first found KELT-9b way back 2014 and it took them so long for them to convince that in fact it is a planet orbiting another star. It is said that the planet is about three times the mass of Jupiter and twice as big as Jupiter.

KELT-9b takes just two days to complete one orbit of the star.

Being so close means the planet cannot exist for very long – the gases in its atmosphere are being blasted with radiation and lost to space.

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