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Kerala College magazine creates furor after depicting sex during national anthem

Newspatrolling: The Pellet magazine published by Brennen College in the Thalassery district of Kerala has created a public outcry after one of its pages depicted two people having sex in a movie theater while the national anthem is playing on the screen. The depiction has been done in a hand drawn sketch. The sketch has drawn sharp reactions from many people and political leaders. There are many who are demanding that Kerala government should take action against the people involved in the publishing of such hurtful things. Reacting to the published sketch, Delhi BJP spokesman Tajinder Bagga said in a tweet, “The magazine published by SFI at Brennan College in Kerala has insulted the national anthem. It is being urged to have sex with 2 people, while the national anthem is being shown in the theater.”

The controversial sketch appeared on the 13th page of the magazine. It is being alleged that Left student organization Students Federation of India (SFI) is responsible for publishing the controversial sketch. The SFI is currently the leader of the college union and it is being said that it is using the magazine for political gains. The magazine’s name Pellet is also being criticized, as it tends to show support to stone pelters in Kashmir. What is noteworthy is that the current Kerala Assembly has five legislators who have studied at Brennen College including Chief Minister Pinarayai Vijayan.

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