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Kerala in the grip of viral fever, 103 deaths so far

With over 100 deaths since January in Kerala due to various types of fevers. The government on Sunday appealed to the people to join the government’s mass sanitation drive on a war footing.

According to health department 103 people including women and children died so far due to H1N1 ,leptospirosis and dengue.

Out of 103 people, 53 people died of H1N1 and 13 died due to Dengue .

Breeding of Mosquitoes due to piling of waste was considered to be main reason for disease said CM Pinarayi Vijayan . 

He said that the government had already taken measures to control mosquitoes and fever cases have reduced in those places.

He said the government had ensured enough stock of medicines and service of doctors in all government hospitals.

Meanwhile opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said “Youngsters and children are succumbing to viral fever. The health department had failed miserably in containing the fever”.

The health minister said ” The opposition was trying to take political mileage over the situation “. 


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