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Kerala school runs pick up facility for students bag

GM upper primary school has come up with unique idea to ease its students burden, picking up their school bags from designated points to allow the children walk freely to school.

The school sends a special van to pickup the students bag who don’t avail the bus facility due to financial constraints.

Over 300 students enjoy this privilege says a Headmistress Gangabai.N.

“It’s fun walking without a bag ” said Fathimathul Rafa ,a class VII student. 

Transport in-charge N M Ravi said ” We introduced this facility  last year as many students found it difficult to carry heavy bags to school “. 

Though this service is free for now and school planning to charge Rs. 15-20 per student monthly to meet expenses. 

There is however, no option yet of dropping the bags after school because of confusion regarding delivery to the collection points without error.

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