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Kevin Missal reveals the captivating cover of his most-awaited book Kalki

After teasing book lovers for quite some time, quirky and prolific writer Kevin Missal has finally revealed the highly attractive cover of his most-awaited book Kalki. The cover launch event was hosted by the publisher Kalamos Literary Services LLP and it was held on September 24 at Title Waves, Mumbai’s first large format boutique bookstore. While at the cover launch event of Kalki, Newspatrolling team had a great time witnessing this young writer talk about his journey, the ideas that led to the book Kalki and the efforts that went into designing the book’s cover.

It was pleasantly surprising to know that Kevin had started writing when he was just 12 years old. And he was not just scribbling a few notes; rather, he actually wrote an entire book of 50 pages. He continued to write more novels during his teens, but he always had this immense desire to create something big. Then one day, it was his dad that guided him to write something epic, something like ‘Baahubali’ that people can easily relate to. His father’s idea got Kevin thinking and he started writing about the characters and the fantasy world that make up his book Kalki.

With an epic story running into several hundred pages, Kevin wanted the best cover for his book Kalki. After many initial failures, Kevin finally decided to hire the best designers for the job. He chose Arthat studio, the same people who created the cover of Amish Tripathi’s top selling book ‘Sita: Warrior of Mithila’. Before revealing the cover, Kevin introduced us to the design team that had created the cover for Kalki. One of the designers said that their primary focus was to create something fascinating that would stand out among a thousand books.

After this, it was time for the unveiling of the cover of Kalki. The chief guests were invited to the stage and Kevin unveiled the cover. As soon as it was done, there were loud cheers and whistles from the audience, as everyone was amazed by the depth and inherent power of the book’s cover. The cover features a well-built man in motion with a bow and a quiver full of arrows slung over his shoulders and a shining falchion sword in his hand. There’s a group of people running towards him, probably his enemies, and he is poised to fight them single-handedly. The cover truly captures the essence of the book’s lead hero, who is a mortal, but has the soul of god Vishnu.


Kalki by Kevin Missal is available for pre-order on Amazon India and Pustakmandi. It is expected to be released around October 7, 2017.

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