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Khuram Butt, Chief Forerunner of London Bridge attack

Terrorism has widened its access and the recent attack happened in London Bridge is the example of it. Yesterday it was said that leader of this terror attack Khuram Butt, 27 years old was extremely exposed on his terrorist views and appeared in a textual titled as The Jihadis Next Door.

Khuram Butt was born in Pakistan and he was the citizen of Britain. In the last year, he was recorded praying before an Islamic State flag in London’s Regent’s Green which was the provocative Channel 4 program.

He was held by police and intelligence agency of London for investigation for six months, he is having two children. After the investigation police decided that he was not danger and investigation went to end.

Khuram Butt is supposed to have headed the terrorists’ trio and they wrought into walkers by using a van for rent.

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