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Killing People In Name Of Protecting Cows Unacceptable, Says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi  said that the killing of people by cow vigilantes is unacceptable.

“Killing people in the name of gau bhakti is not acceptable. This is not something Mahatma Gandhi would approve. We are the land of non-violence. We are the land of Mahatma Gandhi. Why do we forget this.” said Modi. 

“No person in this nation has the right to take the law in his or her own hands. Violence never has and never will solve any   problem ” he added .

Five people including two Delhi government employees were arrested on Wednesday days after a Muslim teen was beaten to death in a train while he was returning home to his village in Haryana following Eid shopping in Delhi.

Junaid Khan, his brother and cousins were attacked by a group of at least 20 people who accused them of carrying beef. They also hurled religious slurs at Junaid, 16, and his brothers.

On Tuesday, a 200-strong mob attacked a Muslim man and tried to torch his house after a dead cow was found outside in Jharkhand’s Giridih district. The police was forced to open fire to control the violent mob.

This is not for the first time PM Modi has admonished cow vigilantes.

The Prime Minister had said some people indulged in anti-social activities but in the morning, they became gau-rakshaks.

Sending a stern message against cow vigilantism, Modi had urged the states to open dossiers to see how many of them were criminals.






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