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Kim Jong-un oversees target-striking contest

Pyongyang, Aug 26 (IANS) North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversaw a Korean People’s Army’s target-striking contest held to mark the 57th anniversary of Songun, state media reported on Saturday.

A variety of military hardware, including aircraft, missiles launchers and self-propelled howitzers, were used at the event on Friday, a national holiday commemorating the date the country’s “military first” Songun policy was adopted, Efe news quoted the Korean Central New Agency as saying (KCNA).

The principle ensures that the military remains North Korea’s highest political priority.

Kim kicked off the competition, in which the objective was to hit targets in an operation that simulated the occupation of islands.

According to KCNA, “airplanes which received an order for sortie ceaselessly hit hard the enemy targets” while combatants who “infiltrated by stealth into the islands from underwater, rained fire at the enemy before they did not come to their senses”.

Kim expressed “great satisfaction” at the success of the contest, the agency said.

The contest was held one day before Pyongyang launched three short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, all of which failed, according to the US.

The launches were conducted as the annual US-South Korea joint military drills, known as “Ulchi Freedom Guardian”, were being held in South Korea.

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