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Know about Father Of All Bombs(FAOB)

Fe days back, we saw U.S dropping Mother Of All Bombs in Afghanistan. It was billed as Mother Of All Bombs(MOAB). It was used first time ever only by this time by U.S. However it has now come to light that Russia possess a much bigger bomb which is billed as Father Of All Bombs(FOAB). You can go through the specifications below.

An interesting comparison is given below between MOAB and FOAB.

The “Father of All Bombs,” (FOAB) as shown above is four times bigger than the MOAB. It has a blast yield of close to 44 tons of TNT and with a destruction radius of 100 feet.

This works on Thermobaric technology and differ from conventional bombs in that they combine with atmospheric oxygen to greatly extend the blast radius.

Developed in 2007, the FOAB explodes in midair, igniting a fuel-air mixture. The bomb has the capacity to vaporise targets and collapses structures,  producing blasts and aftershocks as powerful as a small nuclear blast but without the same radioactive fallout. 

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