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Know The 5 Stages Of Sleep For Better Rest

Quality sleep is one of the essential amenities to parts of a healthy lifestyle. But having your piece of proper sleep is something with which you should be extremely disciplined. Just like other biological processes, our sleeping cycles consist of some major and minor stages, which have a direct effect on our health.

Achieving proper levels of quality sleep is directly related to these five stages of sleep that play an essential role in completing your sleep cycles.

Let us now have a look at these five stages of sleep that you need for better rest and prepare yourself for quality sleep.

Stage 1

It is the very first stage of the normal sleep cycle that a person experiences. You are likely to observe your mind moving in and out of your ordinary consciousness during this stage. You usually are awake, but you can notice your awareness and knowledge slowly moving away from the initial time. You may also experience jerk in your muscles, which may even wake you up during this initial stage. In scientific terms, this situation is called hypnic myoclonia. When it comes to choosing the right comfort bed and mattress when you enter the very first stage of the sleep cycle, a luxury mattress queen size bed can be a suitable choice for those who prefer no compromise in their comfort and quality sleep.

Stage 2

Also known as the second stage of NERM (Non- rapid eye movement), you are likely e to enter some light phases of your sleep cycle while in step 2. Experts say that around half of your sleep time is constituted in this stage. Also, your muscles and heart rate starts to relax, and your brain ultimately slows down. You should be very careful with your surroundings while entering the initial stages of your sleep cycle. It includes the decoration of your bedroom and the way you design it. So, in a nutshell, you should understand the significance of the bedroom and its decoration by yourself as it makes you more aware of your basic sleep requirements.

Stage 3 and 4

Steps 3 and 4 are counted combinedly because they have almost the same effects on your sleep during the period of slow-wave rest. It is known to be the deepest part of a sleep cycle, and one should not ideally be woken up, or else the person may wake up all exaggerated. During this stage, your body is regulated, and growth hormones are also released, which helps in healing the muscles and tissues to provide Oxygen and nutrients to the body. While in this stage, the mattress that you use has a vital role to play. For better convenience and comfort, you can go with a memory foam mattress topper to have proper sleep during stages 3 and 4.

Stage 5

This is known as the final stage of your sleep cycle, in which you are likely to experience rapid eye movement with the duration. Experts call it the most crucial step because, during this period, your brain is revitalized for the functioning required during the daytime.

There are always some general ideas that you can implement in your lifestyle to improve your quality sleep and do justice with your path of rest. In case you’re concerned about finding the right mattress in your area, the best thing you can do is use a sleepy store locator on a safer side. To establish this, it is essential to give equal adherence to all the possible steps that can bring a significant difference difference.


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