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Lalu and Misa make 99% profit in a land deal

A private channel has unearthed a land scam which involved Lalu Prasad Yadav and his daughter Misha. The lands that is involved in the transaction is located in Delhi and was identified as Tony Sainik farms and Bijwasan luxury farm enclave. The amount of money involved in this indicates that this would be another case of massive money laundering.

In the above deal, the land which was measuring around 7 acres and was worth RS.100 Crore were bought for a paltry sum of Rs.1.04 crores through mysterious business which has made her to gain a substantial amount of Rs.99 crores. This works at a 96% discount.

In a series of tweets which was trending nationwide last night, the channel posted various information and raised varied questions too. The scam came to light when the electricity bill for one of the plot was in the name of Lalu’s daughter. The channel also had access to documents of Shalini Holdings Ltd. 

A business man identified as Virender Jain has invested in Lalu’s daughter’s firm and later he sold the shares at a heavily discounted price to Lalu’s family which raises series of questions in the transaction involved.

The news comes at the time when he was exposed earlier in another scam by another private channel. The action that would be taken by the Central Government is what the political parties are eagerly awaiting to watch.



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