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Layered clothing, camouflage prints: Winter trends for men

New Delhi, Nov 16 (IANS) Layering of clothing can look good in winter if you team them the right way. Camouflage prints, tape trims and unexpected contrasts in colour is a trend to catch up with, suggest experts.

Designer Pawan Sachdeva and Abhishek Yadav, Design Head at Spykar have suggested a few looks:

* Layering looks really cool in winters and also helps in keeping you warm. Choose proper garment fabrics that are winter-appropriate and fashionable too. T-shirts and shirts can be worn as the base layer, denim jackets, vests and sweaters can be teamed as the middle layer and lastly over-coats with scarves can be worn as the top layer.

* Accessories are equally important in winter as they are in summers. Caps, beanies, mufflers, scarves and gloves are some top winter accessories that can be teamed accordingly.

* Camouflage prints, tape trims, bellows pockets, and zipper details with visible tapes emphasise functional qualities are in. Knitted ribs, woven patches, patch pockets and epaulettes also drive military
influences and army surplus-styling.

* Every coat worn as a top layer in winters is not overcoat! You should know what you are wearing. There are multiple coats blazers and jackets that are available in the market for men.

Make a wise choice among the all according to your body type. There are overcoat, trench coat, parka jacket and duffle coat.

* Street wear and outdoors merge: Traditional adventure and outdoor clothing gets more urban, and street wear classics are softened with organic textures and prints. Floral and nature inspired prints, unexpected contrasts in colour, shape and material are important here.

* Also going out of the box always helps and seeks attention. Pairing a casual jacket with a formal suit will get you all the eyeballs in the office but not the raised eyebrows. Also, you can skip your coat and go for an on-trend blanket, poncho or cape-like piece that will bring attention to you.

* Nature inspires texture and pattern like loden and outdoor wools are less rugged, combining tradition and technology to create more contemporary materials. New non-military camouflage is inspired by softer depictions of nature.

* Taking inspiration from irregular, abstracted patterns in nature, where flowers and foliage are blurred by shadows. The result sits between classic camouflages and floral, providing a sophisticated, textured update for elevated casual wear.

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