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Thursday , 17 January 2019
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Leaving Venezuela with just four suitcases

This is the place where she was born, where she is surrounded by her adoring family, where she fell in love, where she became a mom.
Even as the country descended into economic and political turmoil, she didn’t think of leaving.
But now she’s moving to an unknown land with her husband and infant daughter, packing up her entire life into a few suitcases.
“I don’t really mind leaving material things behind,” Wong says, as she sits in a small room surrounded by piles of clothing. “What truly hurts is leaving behind our family that loves us so much.”
Stories like hers are becoming increasingly common, with more Venezuelans looking at their heritage and seeking out a citizenship and a passport from another country. Through her Peruvian mother, Wong was able to get the necessary documents to emigrate legally with her husband Jorge Salas and their 7-month-old baby, Akira. None of them have even visited Peru before.
“We are leaving in search of financial independence and to seek a better future for our baby,” says Salas, 26, an artist and actor. “But we are certain we will be returning to Venezuela one day; that is the conviction we are leaving with.”
Located in the capital’s middle-class neighborhood of Santa Monica, the house had always been their safe haven — until the violence and protests increased and they found themselves running into a back room after a tear gas grenade landed by their front gate.
“I had to grab the baby and rush her into the back room and put a rag on her face so she wouldn’t breath the gas,” Mandarino says, fighting back tears. “I’m heartbroken that they are leaving but happy to know they will be safe.”
“I keep wondering, when will I see my mother again, my sister,” Wong says. “I know in the end, we will find a way. Our family is like a magnet, we’re bound to be together again soon.”

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