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Leopard hangs from electric pole, autopsy rules out poacher’s hand

A four-year-old leopard was found hanging from electric wires next to a pole in Nizamabad district of Telangana on Monday.

Forest officials are confused how the leopard could have climbed the 30-foot-high electric pole.

The discovery was made by villagers around 10.30am on Monday and informed forest department officials and police.

VSNV Prasad, Nizamabad district forest officer, said 

“We have no idea why the leopard would have climbed the electric pole. There is no habitation nearby except a farmhouse. The location where the animal was found is 5km from a motorable road. We believe it was an accidental death. The leopard was not poached or killed”.

“There are no trees anywhere near the electric pole as the area includes agricultural fields with an orchard nearby. The animal might have climbed the pole to have a better view of the surrounding area. We are just not sure,” he said.

“Leopards, when sensing danger, seek shelter on trees” he added.

According to Prasad, that the leopard bit on to the electric wires, which likely hastened its death.

“We will set up some camera traps to monitor the wildlife in the forest and ensure that the animals do not come to any further harm,” he further added.




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