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Let Go

lets go motivation inspirational story newspatrolling Freedom is God. Slavery is the weakness and paralysis of mind and body, to get oneself confined into limitations of one’s thoughts is slavery, where one has the ability to set fire by one’s own efforts but enjoy to sit fire set by others. Isn’t it slavery?

  • Let Go all the fears, doubts, negativities, limitations, criticism, approvals and the fear of aloneness. Free yourself from the shackles of imprisonment of your own thoughts to soar high in the sky where no one is there to judge you and your abilities. Go far beyond the limitations. Go extra mile it is never crowded. To get this luxury of being free

  • First of all believe in yourself upto the maximum extent.

  • Never seek approval from others for your choice of work.

  • Have high self esteem.

  • Be non judgemental for yourself as well as for others.

  • Don’t begrudge your life. Begrudging life means you are not accepting yourself .

  • Respect and appreciate each and every person, situation and things surrounding you.

  • Don’tnt compare yourself with others. Apple is apple, banana is banana, everyone is unique in their own way.

  • Don’t dwell in the past. Focus on the present moment NOW.

To achieve all these above tips, one must be always mindful and AWARE about the pattern of thoughts one is thinking, the way one behaves, type of words one is using, behaviour as a human being.

Let Go simply illustrates a depiction of self who is at its best in his own way. And thats the most beautiful.

By: Archna Raula

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