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Liberty Counsel – Not Qualified to Provide Legal Services in North Carolina

Liberty Counsel – Not Qualified to Provide Legal Services in North Carolina

The North Carolina State Bar has had some strong words for Richard L. Mast Jr. a Senior Litigator at Liberty Counsel.In a letter to Richard Mast dated August 13th 2018, the North Carolina Bar told Richard they now possess enough evidence to sue him for the Unauthorized Practice of Law.They have instructed Richard that it is now in their discretion to sue if he elects to continue his conduct.

This begs several questions about the ethics at Liberty Counsel, because North Carolina considers the act of practicing law without a license to be a crime.Imagine a doctor practicing medicine without a license, or a realtor practicing without licensure, or a pilot flying a commercial plane.Yet Richard has decided to be a crusader for Evangelical values by practicing a learned profession without licensure in North Carolina. 

Here are some questions to consider: 

Does Liberty Counsel make it a practice to employ lawyers who have known ethics issues?

Why would a State Bar ever need to confront a Christian about legal ethics, aren’t only duplicitous lawyers caught in ethics issues?

Would Liberty Counsel, an upstanding and reputable litigation firm known for their numerous Supreme Court wins, keep an ethics liability on their payroll?

What oversight if any does Mathew Staver have in the legal work performed by his firm?

Does Mathew Staver care about the ethics or reputation of his firm?

With Liberty Counsel’s recent loss against GuideStar regarding a “Hate Group” label, the legal capabilities and the ethics concerns are unfortunately begging questions about the firm’s understanding of basic legal concepts.Doubt in Mathew Staver’s litigation firm is now inevitable, State Bars would never threaten to sue a Liberty Counsel lawyer for the unauthorized practice of law without probable cause. And the North Carolina State Bar would never instruct a duly authorized law firm that they are not qualified to provide legal services in North Carolina. It is our recommendation, at, that Mathew Staver should clean his litigation firm of any ethics issues and curtail Liberty Counsel’s scope of business to jurisdictions it is qualified to conduct business within. 

Obviously, not North Carolina!

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