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Lionel Messi tax evasion case review by Spanish Supreme Court

After Lionel Messi, the football superstar has appealed against the verdict on his purported tax evasion case dating back to 2007-09, the Spanish Supreme Court has agreed to review the complaint and the sentence which began last evening.

Messi, who is one of the highest paid athletes in the World hails from Argentina but is known for his long term association with Spanish Football Club – Barcelona. He was handed a 21 months jail sentence along with USD 3.8 Million in fine for the tax evasion along with his father.

Messi said that he never knew about his finances and it was always managed by his father. His lawyers appealed on the basis of this which is currently being reviewed by 5 judges in the Supreme Court and even if they confirm the punishment, it is very unlikely to see Messi behind bars since any jail sentence of less than 2 years has always seen the punished not taking it up but end up doing other alternatives like community services.

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