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Lip care made easy

healthy lips newspatrollingLips demand extra care as the skin of the lip is more sensitive and is prone to cranks and flakiness. But apart from the natural reasons, there are a lot of habitual reasons that makes our lips dry, such as, smoking, consumption of alcohol/caffeine, drinking less water, excessive make up, apart from a few others.

Cracked dry lips are painful, can develop infections and are not good to look at too. Sharing below some tips that will help you keep your lips plum and shiny:

⦁ Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day
⦁ Use lip balm/petroleum jelly to protect the lips from sun rays
⦁ While brushing, gently move in circular motion with the brush on your lips this removes dead cells
⦁ Eat food that is rich in vitamin A, B, and C
⦁ Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine consumption
⦁ Avoid cosmetics that are allergic to your skin

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