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List of 5 tastiest variety of Cheese from all over the world


Can there really be just one best cheese in the world? Well, that would be quite difficult to decide from the delicious pieces of goodness when combined with any food turns into a heavenly delicacy. Imagine how the pizzas, club sandwiches, or the paninis would be if it weren’t for the gooey extravagance. Here we have listed 5 tastiest cheese in the world, which are loved the most.

  1. Cheddar: The cheese made from pasteurized cow milk that has a firm texture is the Cheddar cheese. Originally, England was the only place where Cheddar cheese was manufactured. However, due to its impeccable treat to the palates, Cheddar is eaten all over the world today. Initially, the texture of the cheese is a combination of crumble and smooth, but with aging the texture becomes sharper.
  2. Mozzarella: The discovery of Mozzarella cheese was in Italy which was manufactured from the milk produced by the water buffaloes of Bulgaria and Italy. Nevertheless, the Mozzarella today is manufactured from pasteurized cow milk. This versatile cheese is quite easy to make and with little skills can be produced at home too.
  3. Gouda: This cheese comes from the Dutch that has now become famous all across the globe. Although the quasi-hard cheese is normally manufactured from cow’s milk, some of the intricate food artisans prepare Gouda cheese from the milk obtained from a sheep or a goat. This variant is prepared to be aged for a prolonged period of time.
  4. Feta: This Cheese comes from the legacies of the Greek which is one of the most famous varieties all over the world. The Feta cheese’s manufacturing is very specific to places like –Thrace, Central Mainland, Lesvos, Greece, Peloponnese, Macedonia, and Thessaly. If the cheese is produced in any other place than the ones mentioned, it will not qualify to be a Feta cheese. The reason behind this is Feta cheese is specially prepared from the milk of goats and sheeps grazing over the field of Grecian counties.

Parmigiano – Reggiano: People often tend to confuse the Parmesan cheese with this variety. While the Parmesan cheese produced is inspired by Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, it is originally manufactured only in a very few places of Italy, which include Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia. This cheese variety is aged ranging from at least 1 year to 36 years at maximum. The Parmigiano-Reggiano offers a caramel flavor filled with nuts which give out a crunchy taste in each bite taken.

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