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Local elections to be held as scheduled on May 14: Nepal PM Prachanda

Dismissing rumors that the local elections in Nepal could be postponed, Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda said that the elections would be held as scheduled on May 14. Prachanda also shared his conviction that Madhes-based parties will take part in the local elections. Prachanda was talking to the media at Kathmandu airport. He had just returned from China, where he was on an official week-long trip. He said that the government will do its best to create a favorable environment for local polls. He also said that issues raised by Madhesi Front will be resolved by the next parliamentary elections.

Prachanda showed his confidence when he told journalists that they should not have any doubts about the scheduled local elections on May 14. It may be recalled that the elections were opposed by Madhesis, who are people of mostly Indian-origin. Madhesis are demanding that elections be held only after the resolution of their issues, one of which involves the re-demarcation of provincial boundaries. India and China both have pledged support to local elections in Nepal, with China providing financial assistance of USD 1 million.

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