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Loose a pound per day with these steps

Weight loss in an ongoing struggle for most of the millennials, and seeing our sedentary lifestyle this is just not easy to attain. But what if we say that team Newspatrolling has collated some vital methods that will help you loose a pound everyday! Interesting right. Below are the details:

1. In order to lose a pound a day, you will need to burn close to 3,000 calories daily. This can be calculated by taking into account your weight and how active you are. 

2. Cut down the calories: You will be required to restrict your calorie intake between 800 and 1,200 calories daily as per your weight and the number of times a day you exercise. Also, eat smaller portions (5 small meals a day) while consuming veggies like lettuce and broccoli

3. Include aerobic exercises such as swimming, boxing and running

4. Ginger root tea: After dinner, have some ginger tea by boiling a ginger root. This concoction will help in digestion while keeping energy levels up. You can also add some chopped ginger to your salad at dinner

5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday

And to top it all, stay busy!


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