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Lupt Movie Review

Release Date: November 02, 2018
Cast: Javed Jaffrey, Vijay Raaz, Karan Anand, Niki Walia, Meenakshi Dixit, Kasturi Banerjee, Rajeev Bhardwaj, Rishab Chadha, Kierra Soni, Rayes Mohiuddin
Director: Prabhuraj
Genre: Horror
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

‘Lupt’ means something that exists no more and it does come across as a good name for a horror movie. But, does the movie do justice to the catchy name or is it just another attempt to create a mindless horror movie? Well, the answer is 50:50 and it will depend on your personal definition of a horror movie. Lupt is our own Halloween ahead of Diwali and it does have its scary moments, even though not as much as you would want it to be.

The story catches up on the life of Harsh Tandon (Javed Jaffrey), who is a successful businessman. However, the flip side of his life is that he suffers from chronic insomnia. He often sees people when actually no one is there. When he consults a psychiatrist, he is told that his insomnia is making him see things that are not there. The psychiatrist tells him to take a break from work, to which he agrees. Harsh decides to take along his family that includes his devoted wife (Niki Walia), his mischief-maker son (Rishabh Chadha), and his daughter (Meenakshi Dixit) and her boyfriend (Karan Anand). The entire family heads towards the beautiful hill station of Nainital, hoping to spend a wonderful time in the lap of nature. However, things take a spooky turn when unknown entities start to attack them during their journey.

It’s good to see seasoned actors like Javed Jaffrey and Vijay Raaz, as they almost always do well to get your attention with their superb acting skills. However, the concept surrounding the scary entities that keep showing up in various places is a bit weak. It seems like the writer was in a rush and maybe he thought that only kids would be watching this movie. Nonetheless, Lupt does have some scares to thrill you and there’s some suspense thrown in as well.

Being the Halloween season, we were expecting a good quality horror movie. However, it looks like Lupt is currently the only option available. Kids would most likely love it, as they would not mind the loose ends that the movie has.

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