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Macron to beat Marine Le Pen in French Elections

With first round of elections got over on Sunday, it is now clear that there will be only 2 candidates in the 2nd and Final Round of Presidential Elections in France which would see Macron and Marine Le Pen fighting for the Top Post. The exit survey polls says that Emmanuel Macron would win it easy over Le Pen with a comfortable margin after one of the defeated candidate in the first round, the flamboyant Francois Fillon has thrown his weight behind Macron saying that he would vote for him.

The first round say Macron securing 23.9% whereas Le Pen trailed behind with 21.4% of votes. Opinion poll this morning predicted the result in the 2nd round would be 61:39 in favour of Emmanuel Macron. A war of word has already started today with Le Pen’s top aide describing the presidential front-runner as ‘arrogant’.

‘Emmanuel is not a patriot. He sold off national companies. He criticised French culture,’ Florian Philippot, deputy leader of Le Pen’s National Front told BFM TV. 

With President Hollande also backing Macron, it has become a real impossible task for Le Pen to defeat Macron. The President’s Socialist party’s candidate Benoit Hamn has already been eliminated as he polled just 7%. The President said on Monday that Le Pen’s policy of pulling out of Europe would devastate the economy and threaten the country’s liberty. He called Le Pen a ‘risk’ saying her policies would ‘deeply divide France’ at a time when the terror threat requires ‘solidarity’ and ‘cohesion’.

Macron tweeted from his official handle in which he avoided attacking Le Pen directly, thanking Hollande for his support and calling on his followers to be ‘faithful to the value of France’ at the next election in two weeks.

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