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Mad rush for divorce in Chinese village for getting compensation

Humans have a knack of getting the better of adversity through innovative thinking. An example of this can be presently seen in a village in eastern China, where villagers are rushing to file their divorce in a bid to get compensation from the local government. The story is that the village of Jiangbei, located in Jiangsu province, is being redeveloped for a high-tech development center. Couples living in the village have no other option but to shift to new houses provided by the local government. However, they thought of an innovative idea that if they file a divorce and separate, they could get two homes instead of just one. This would amount to an additional $19,000 if they divorced and applied for compensation as separate individuals.

As divorced, individuals can also get additional property of 70 sq m along with some cash in compensation. This is why many villagers in Jiangbei are filing for divorce. To help them claim compensation, a law firm is assisting them with divorce and other legal paperwork. The firm charges around $2,000 for each case. Several couples are quite old and said that they will live together even if they are legally divorced. Some said that they will remarry at a later date.

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