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Maharashtra Farmers Call-Off Strike After Meeting Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Maharashtra farmers decided to call-off their strike today after holding a meeting with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis who promised to take a series of measures to meet their demands

Devendra Fadnavis invited Farmers from Puntambe village for discussion last night.

After four hours meeting “The strike is withdrawn and there should not be any violent protests against the state anymore,” said the chief minister

“We are open to a farm loan waiver… We shall set up a committee for the purpose which will include farmers’ representatives and take a decision by October 31,” Mr Fadnavis added.

The state government also promised to revise the prices of milk and form a state-level commission for agricultural costs and prices.

In added to this government will appoint an independent observer on diary businesses and set up cold storages and agro-processing units.

The government also agreed to do financial support to Farmer Ashok’s family who died on June 1 .

Thereafter, leaders of the Kisan Kranti said that the government has met nearly 70 per cent of their demands and decided to call off their strike.

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