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Maharashtra government asks teachers to open salary account in co-operative bank facing scam charges

A new government resolution of Maharashtra says that now all aided, non aided , private schools and junior college professors have to open their account in Mumbai district co-operative bank.

The chairman of the bank is BJP leader Pravin Darekar.

The same bank was in news for an alleged scam of Rs. 123 crores and FIR also filed against Darekar.

Now Shiv Sena leader professor Manisha Kayande has objected this decision and says ,

” On one hand the government is urging people to use nationalised banks after demonetisation but here the state is asking 30,000 teachers and non teaching staffs to open account in co-operative bank. And moreover such bank who’s got few ATM’s in the city and facing allegation of a scam”.

“Why has the government chose this bank only? It’s a pure case of favouritism, nothing else ” , she added.

Teaching and non teaching staffs are worried and saying what if the bank fails to give them their deposited salary by government and few teachers are planning to hold protest against this decision.

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