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Make Alia Bhatt your best friend through this mobile app

Alia Bhatt has upped the ante in Bollywood and is getting better at her craft with every passing movie. And now there is a good news for her fans. ‘Alia Bhatt: Star Life’ is a fun mobile game which gives fans a playful peek into Bhatt’s life by letting you join her in an animated world full of Bollywood-esque situations, the media reports.


Talking about the game, Alia said “I can’t express my excitement enough to launch this game and offer my fans a fun way to experience life in the movie universe… While it’s my game, I feel the best part is that it places the fan upfront and centre and provides a wonderful experience. I first met the Moonfrog team in Goa around a year ago when I was filming Dear Zindagi and it’s been amazing to see just how much work goes into building a game that works on so many interesting levels.”

The game has been created by the team at Moonfrog Labs led by Skaggs, who has previously led teams that created some of the world’s most viral games including the infamous FarmVille, among others. 


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