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Man charged with spying on ex-wife’s phone; fined Rs 50,000

In a first-of-its-kind order, the cyber adjudicator in West Bengal has ordered a man to pay compensation of Rs 50,000 to his ex-wife for spying on her mobile phone. The order was announced by the state IT secretary, in his ex-officio position as the cyber adjudicator in West Bengal. The man has been found guilty of illegally spying on his ex-wife’s mobile phone. The man has been convicted under sections 43(a), (b), 66(C) and 72 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (as amended till date) for breaching online privacy. As per the Act, the adjudicator can order compensation of up to Rs 5 crore in such cases.

The man will have to pay the compensation to his ex-wife within 30 days and the same would be certified by the Commissioner of Howrah Police Commissionerate within 15 days of payment. In the complaint filed by the woman, she had claimed that her husband had filed for divorce in June 2014. They had got married in May 2013, but the suspicious nature of her husband started affecting their relationship. The woman alleged that her husband had installed malware in her mobile phone and was secretly accessing her phone calls, messages and other details.

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