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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Man with two hearts -After transplant


A 45-year-old man from Kerala became the first person in the country to live with two beating hearts

The man who suffered a heart failure, underwent a heart plant surgery . Instead of replacing old one doctors just connected new heart (right side) to the old one to share the load

Cardio-thoracic surgeons knew that the heart was functioning only 10%.

“We connected the hearts at five places, three connections on the left side of the heart and two on the right side,” said the doctor.

Dr Prashanth Vaijyanath , who performed the surgery said “As part of the work-up, we found that his lung pressure and lung resistance were extremely high. In such a condition, the newly grafted heart usually fails because it will not be able to overcome the lung pressure,” 

“When a brain dead woman of almost the same age and his size came on Monday, we found a heart that matched his heart’s size and chose to try the third option, which is called a heterotopic transplant,” said Dr Vaijyanath

It took three and half hours to perform this surgery and placed the heart in his right side 






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