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Mandeep Singh guides India to victory against Japanin Aslan Shah

After suffering a loss versus Australia in the previous match, India has fund its rhythm by winning against Japan in the Aslan Shah hockey tournament which is happening in Malaysia.

Mandeep Singh’s hat-trick has made this possible which has seen India winning their 2nd match in 4 matches they have played so far. It was a equally contested match between the two teams with the first goal being scored by India and Japan replied back with two goals. PR Sreejesh who is the captain and goal keeper for India has been ruled out of the match due to injury.

India literally struggled to counter the Japanese attack when they trailed at 1-2 and later Mandeep scored a goal to bring it back to 2-2 but Japan scored yet again making use of the loose opportunity handed over to them by the Indian players and advanced to 3-2.

Mandeep Singh showed some lightning performance during the second half where he scored two goals there by securing a hat trick for him that helped India to lead the score board by 4-3 which they defended till the end to keep their hopes of moving to the next round bright.

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