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Manmohan Samal assures that BJP will sweep out a big mandate

in Lok Sabha & Assembly Election Odisha, 2019

Former Ex- Revenue minister, food supply, disaster management & consumer welfare Govt. of Odisha, Ex-MP (Rajya Sabha) and Ex-State President BJP Odisha Shri Manmohan Samal proclaims that BJP will be the poll fortune of Odisha in Lok Sabha & Assembly election, 2019. Earlier the Party has always done well in the western Odisha districts of Kalahandi, Bolangir, Sambalpur, and Sundargarh. The non-Odia community being the significant factor in the Western Odisha had traditionally shown its preference for BJP.

Manmohan Samal is associated with BJP from a long course of time and has represented BJP from time to time whether as a supporter/co-worker or as a regulating authority. He revealed that BJP is looking to score a good mandate from the people of the state in upcoming 2019 election. The recent report of Panchayat election in Odisha shows 33% overall BJP vote bank and a significant victory for BJP. 

Manmohan Samalji also told that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah, his party is working for the betterment and prosperity for the people of Odisha, and in 2019 they are optimist that they will be successful in forming a government in the state. He also insisted on the efforts of the party for the better life of the farmers, thus making their life easier and hassle-free.


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