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Man’s house set on fire after people find dead cow outside

In another incidence of hate crime, a man was beaten by a mob and his house was set on fire. The violence occurred just because a dead cow was found outside the house of the victim. The man who was thrashed is named Usman Ansari. The incident occurred at Beria Hatiatand village in Deori area, which is nearly 200 km from Ranchi, Jharkhand. The police reached the spot as soon as they got the news, but before that the man was already thrashed and a part of his house was set on fire.

Jharkhand police spokesperson and ADG (Operations) R K Mullik said that the police personnel risked their lives to save Ansari and his family members. He said that when police were trying to take Ansari to hospital, the crowd got violent and attacked the police party. The crowd started stone-pelting, which prompted police officials to open fire in the air. Around 50 policemen are said to be injured in the stone pelting. However, the situation is now under control and the victim Ansari is being treated a hospital in Dhanbad. Ansari is now in a stable condition, the police said.

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