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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Marriage by abduction soars in Bihar over 3000 grooms tied knot at gunpoint in 2016

Julie 19 year old girl in Bihar was sparkling in her bridal attire.Abhinay Kumar 22 yr old youth she was to tie the nuptial knot was ready ,though under duress.But just when the marriage mantras were over ,the police arrived searching for the kidnapped groom after his parents registered a case . By the time police arrived marriage was already over

They still wanted to rescue the groom but the bride , her family, relatives and villagers put up a tough fight.The cops returned an hour later angrier than before and in greater number.They swung their batons with such ferocity that it left nearly two dozen men and women including Julie injured 

“I have accepted her as my better half .Whatever difference there is  between our families it will get over shortly.Time will heal everything ” says Abhinay Kumar

This is nothing unusual in Bihar as the state witnesses around 3000 couples getting married in the same style almost every year

Bihar witnessed 3075  grooms were kidnapped in 2016 , 3001 in 2015 and 2533 in 2014 .And a majority of these marriages survive 

Abduction for marriage is acceptable trend in Bihar 

“The abduction of boys for marriage is a direct consequence of social evils like dowry. It is a rearguard action from the bride’s family, which finds itself under great material load while arranging the marriage. In a traditionally patriarchal society like Bihar, marriages have become a money-minting enterprise for the boy’s parents. So, families without wherewithal to arrange a decent dowry resort to desperate measures like abducting a suitable bridegroom for their daughter’s marriage,” says Ashok Priyadarshi, a teacher in Nawada, a district infamous for such marriages.


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