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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Massive shortage of Civil Service Officers

Are the crime on the rise? Is the administration not being run properly and various excuses were given? All this is happening because of the shortage in the postings of Civil Service Officers.

The answer given in the Parliament recently shows that there is a shortage of nearly 22% which is huge considering the requirement of these critical postings to be done on a timely basis to ensure that the administration is run smoothly.

Let us take a look at the statistics:

Authorised Strength of IFS is 3,157

IPS is 4,802

and IAS is 6,396

Whereas the postings done as of date is

IFS – 2,597 with a shortage of 17%

IPS – 3,754 with a shortage of 21.8%

IAS – 4,926 with a shortage of 23%

The States which has the best percentage of filled up positions for the above cadres:

Rajasthan – 87%

Chattisgarh – 85.3%

Uttarakhand – 83.7%

Madhya Pradesh – 82.7%

The States which has the least postings includes

Nagaland – 73.8%

Bihar – 70.6%

Kerala – 70.5%

Odisha -70.1% and

Jammu and Kashmir with just 67.2%

To fill up the shortage, Govt has increased the annual intake of the following posts

IAS – 180

IPS – 150 and

IFS – 110

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