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Master the jegging office look with 4 tips

There is something about leggings that is very comforting. The fact that they stretch to accommodate all your moves and movements is endearing to stack of few of them always in your wardrobe. If you are one of those hard core jeans lovers who has fallen way too deeply in love with leggings, then your go to solution when caught between jeans and leggings is jeggings. It is that simple. You get to keep both and enjoy both in the same piece of garment. Jeggings are increasingly replacing pants for women. They are cozy and comfortable to wear anywhere and at any time. Some people even wear jeggings to work! Yes, you read that right!

It is so easy to buy a pair of blue, white or black jeggings online today. What is not so easy is to pair them up with tops that will take away the informal look of it to make it formal enough for office environment. Let’s look at few ways to ensure your jeggings look great even for work wear.

The first thing to note about a blue or a black jegging online is to understand the fit. Since you do are not trying it on to know how it fares on you, please read through the size chart and match it with your waist and hip ratio. I would personally recommend a jegging that is your next size. Unlike most pants for women, the jeggings literally cling to your bottom half of the body. That means the outline and shape of your buttocks and hips are clearly visible to anyone who cares to see. According to me, taking a size larger makes it easier.

Since the jeggings leave everything clearly visible to the naked eye so vividly, it is important to address this bit of look right at the beginning in your jegging office look.

Tip 1 – long is the consistent rule. No matter what kind of top you choose like a shirt, t-shirt, a tunic or a kurta, the bottom rule is to keep it long if you plan to pair it up with jeggings for work. The length has to be enough to hid the buttocks and the hips partially, this will ensure the outfit is appropriate and trendy enough for office without bordering on sleazy.

Tip 2 – include athleisure clothing for work. Most companies have relaxed dress code for Friday’s. Since athleisure attire is gaining an acceptance for this category of clothes, pick up a few tops that stretch all the way down to your mid hip level. This combination perfectly completes your look for work.

Tip 3 – bring out the pullovers and short dresses. Pairing up a pullover or a short dress with jeggings is great idea. For one, its an uncommon look and for another, it adds to your silhouette like no other.

Tip 4 – cover it with a blazer. A long blazer looks very dashing with a jegging. It gives a look of absolute comfort with utter professionalism. If you favor short blazers, pair them up with long shirts that cover the butt and hips.

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