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Maureen Vadra given security cover costing Rs.13 crores

The news that surfaced last night was a real shocker for many of the honest tax payers as it sent strong and condemning signals across the section of Social Media. It has come to the limelight that Maureen Vadra, mother of Robert Vadra has been enjoying the VIP security cover for the past 13 years. Remember, it doesn’t come cheap. The cost is approximately Rs.1 crore a year where she was given security cover 24×7 by 6 delhi policemen.

Interestingly, the security was given at her private residence which began at UPA-1 era. She did not receive any threats but still given the security with no justification provided whatsoever. Result?

Cost of Rs.13 crore from the taxpayers money.

She was also provided three screeners by the police. Maureen Vadra holds the position of director in Robert Vadra’s company and apart from this, there is no considerable positions she holds. It is also understood that security cover given to her was kept a secret and this was cleared at the level of Delhi Police HQ.

Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has been kept in the dark regarding the security cover given to her. Now that this has been discovered, the BJP led government is expected to cancel the cover sooner or later.

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