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Mehbooba Mufti trashes Farooq Abdullah’s talk about third party mediation

Responding to National Conference (NC) president and Member of Parliament Farooq Abdullah’s statement that India should take help from US and China to resolve the Kashmir issue, Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said today that US and China should mind their own business. She said that none other country can be involved in the resolution of Kashmir issue. She said that the Kashmir issue is a bilateral issue and it can only be resolved through dialogue between India and Pakistan. Mufti said that history is witness that wherever US has intervened, it had either made matters worse or gained nothing at all. She gave examples of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq where US had intervened with no real benefits.

For China, Mufti said that China too is facing problems with most of its neighbors, since it utilizes strong-arm tactics against its neighbors. Mufti gave the example of Tibet, where China is desperately trying to establish its full control. She said that countries that are themselves surrounded by problems will not be able to help resolve the Kashmir issue. “They have played spoilsport in major issues of the world. See what they have made up of Syria, see the situation of Afghanistan and Iraq. God forbid, does Farooq want our situation similar to them? Or he wants our state to prosper?” the chief minister asked.

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