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Men are going under the knife for reducing lip with a new technique

 Bikini drawn on the lip, a new technique for lip reduction

– FIRST of its kind lip reduction reported in India

Mumbai:  Move over ladies, men also want a fuller pout! More and more men have apparently been opting for cosmetic treatments such as hair transplant, skin tightening, and lip reduction in recent years. As of 2019, an estimated 1,200 lip procedures have been performed in men, which is a whopping 400 percent increase since 2000.

Now-a-days, people are inundated with picture-perfect images of celebrities on social media. Appearance has become an important factor for men and women alike, both from a career and social circles point-of-view. The idea of “perfection” has subtle but profound effects on how people perceive themselves in comparison with their peers. Men are equally susceptible to such comparisons as women.

With advancing technology, experienced doctors in the country have been able to find a solution to such problems. While many individuals aim to correct thin lips through lip augmentation procedures and lip fillers, there are also those who wish to make their excessively large lips smaller. The procedure that facilitates this facial alteration is called Lip reduction surgery or “Bikini Lip Reduction.”

Ideally, lip reduction should achieve three goals: decrease the overall volume of the labial unit, restore the soft curving outlines of the lips, and maintain the ideal size relationship between the lips, with the lower lip having a moderately larger volume than that of the upper lip.

Dr. Debraj Shome, renowned Cosmetic Surgeon & Director at The Esthetic Clinics said, “To me, it is ironic that a male lip can be shaped better, using the principles of a female bikini. In a patriarchal society, what can be more ironic? A bikini-style lip reduction can allow a man to have smaller, more aesthetic lips. Beautiful lips can change your entire smile, your face and enhance all the facial features, both for men and women.”

Lip reduction surgery is a procedure to remove excess lip tissue for a more thinner lip appearance. It is gradually gaining momentum with people across the globe, and surgeons now commonly refer to it as “Bikini” Lip Reduction Surgery. This consists of an excision of a “bikini top” from the upper lip and a “bikini bottom” from the lower lip.

“Such a procedure aims to fulfil the three basic requirements of a good lip reduction treatment – decreasing the overall size, restoring the curves of the lips, and to maintain a good relationship between the volume of the upper and lower lip. Before you decide to undergo this cosmetic procedure, there are few things that you need to keep in mind. It is important to be in good shape, a non-smoker, and openly communicate any known allergies with the doctor. You may also be advised to take a blood test, urine test and any other standard tests the doctor deems necessary,” added Dr. Shome

“The reduction procedure is done under local anesthesia and lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. You may experience some swelling, bruising and pain for the first 3-4 days. The initial healing period takes about a week, and you will be advised to follow a liquid diet for the same amount of time.”

Although the lip reduction surgery is fairly simple, an asymmetrical appearance, cyst formation, and numbness are some of the possible side-effects. The results of pairing the bikini lip reduction surgery with any other treatment and their benefits are still unknown. Based on your requirements, your doctor will decide the number of required sessions,” concluded Dr. Shome.

Shashank Rathod ( Name changed) , aspiring model/actor says, “I am a 27-year-old boy and I had very fat lips. I wanted to flourish in my career as a model and actor.  I have a perfect physique, but I was unhappy with the appearance of my lips. I wanted re-shaping as my lips looked fat and were not appealing in front of camera. My confidence level was super low. Thus, I thought of undergoing ‘bikini lip reduction.’ This treatment has given me perfect lips and has brought more proportion to my face.” 


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