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Metropolis Healthcare cautions against self-medication for flu like symptoms

Swine-Flu-Prevention-Tips-H1N1-Virus-Flu-is-Preventable-1Hyderbad, February, 2015:  We are witnessing a surge in Swine Flu cases across India. Though contagious, there is no reason to panic if individuals visit a doctor as soon as they notice any symptoms that indicate Swine Flu infection.

Local civic bodies have taken the right measure to curb the spread of the disease by spreading awareness amongst masses.

Only few select labs in India are authorized to carry out the Swine Flu test in the laboratory, as this requires specialized testing backed by high end technology and special sample collection requirements. Chennai based, Lister Metropolis is one of the few authorized private laboratory in Tamil Nadu to perform this test.

Swine Flu is caused by one or several types of influenza virus strains. The disease is contagious and spreads through person to person or if a person comes in contact with an infected surface &thereafter touch their nose or mouth.

The symptoms are similar to seasonal flu like runny nose, sneezing, coughing, eye pain, sore throat and in some cases even nausea & vomiting as well. Hence it is important that patients take medical advice instead of self-medication.

Some tips that can help in preventing the spread of the disease

  • Washing hands thoroughly with soap or using a alcohol based sanitizer
  • While sneezing or coughing covering face with a clean tissue
  • Maintaining hygiene by using disinfectants in the living room & proper sanitation
  • Avoid touching mouth, nose, eyes from spreading the disease
  • Avoid contacting people, till you are fully recovered

Dr. Anita. Suryanarayan (Vice president, Operations, Lister Metropolis) says “Though we have seen a surge in number of people coming in for testing, there is no reason to panic. If people observe any alarming symptoms they should visit a doctor. Patients need to be warned against self-medication. It is important to get tested and start treatment at the earliest. Pregnant ladies, kids, diabetics, people with weakened immune system and elderly are at high risk and should take extra care”

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